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Lightwave Object v2 Reader.

The source code found on this page can be used to convert a .LWO file into a C++ object which can be used to quickly display the 3D object in question. The code provided comes with a sample program which uses AllegroGL - which is a library related to the Allegro game programming library. If you wish to contribute other pieces of "example code" please do.

The following links are to related libraries:

A class diagram for those interested in shown below:

Below is the source code release of LWO2 Reader. It is noted that source code is released under the LGPL software license. The full text of this license is made available in each source package.

If you have any contributions or modifications - please do not hesitate to contact me on kon at "plasma dot alphadimensions dot net".

And don't forget: - the official website of Plasma.

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