The MetaverseThe Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse. This page has been updated to a new look.

This page will show you a few interesting links related to a person called "Konstanty" - who you may also know under the aliases "(the)kon" or even "plasma".

In the toolbar above (and below) you can see a few icons, each of which will be described soon. Next to the header logo - there is also the "current" location icon - which in this case is "Main Page" the cRaZy O with sparkles!

From the left of the contents bar - there is "The 'Meta' Quiz", which combines the greatness of digirec/digicam - into some questions. Next is "Konstanty has a Digital Camera", which I am sure does not really need any introductions. The next two are to do with Plasma related things like the game we are making and other programming/graphics/computer related things... Last, but not least we have the magic egg - which is my symbol for miscellaneous items.

Stay tuned to "The Metaverse" for future updates.