Konstanty has a Digital Camera Volume 7

Photos from Ang's Party

This collection includes pictures from Angela's Party.

These pics are also grouped by category as there are many of them.

Category 1: The Birthday Girl and her "evil" dark half.

Angela.. the welcomer.

Angela says that
if you brush your hair
when you are talking
to someone..
it means you like them...

Angela and Q dancing... Part 1

Angela and Q dancing... Part 2

Angela dances with not-Q.

Q fights back and dances with Mini-Ang

Q sits back...

Q finishes putting "Mini-Ang" to bed.

Q the evil one.
Note: This image was not edited
(Taken by "Ant")

Angela the Angelic.
Also Note: This image was not edited
(Taken by "Kon")

Category 2: The Jenny/Elliot Collection

Jenny and Catheryn
take a voluntary photo.

Jenny says "See if I care"
as Anthony takes a photo.

Davader says that these
two look like twins
Same smile... Same colour hair...

Nessie is drinking "coke".

Elliot and Jenny....

Also Elliot and Jenny...

Category 3: The Erin collection.

Erin drinks.

Q and Erin dancing.

Erin facing this way ;)

Erin facing this way...
with help from Lousie...

Erin facing the other way...
also with help from Louise...

Erin with Q...

Erin with Lachlan...

Erin and Konstanty.

Erin and Konstanty again...

Category 4: The Colin Collection

Colin finds his calling
in life - The Chairmaster 2000.

Astinus puts Gonz over
his knee & gives him a spanking
...and Gonz looks like he likes it

Caption goes here

Category 5: The trampoline

Cutie: If I can't see them, they can't see me...

Caption goes here. tell me one

Caption goes here, tell thekon one

Category 6: People

Jock, David and Catie...


sock is his own sock.

Cindy and someone I don't know.

A couple fest?

Ixy gets put into a photo...
by Catheryn and Belinda.

Ixy gets a tackle hug.

Konstanty and David.
(Taken by Erin).

Lachlan has a "fast" cancer stick.

David, Konstanty, Lachlan and the antioch guy.

Louise gets a surprise photo taken.


Louise and Lachlan.

Category 7: Belinda and Anthony

Belinda and Anthony. (A)

Anthony and Belinda. (B)

Belinda and Anthony. (C)

Category 8: The cute, the special and the scary.

Rachael finishes the last of the candles...

Alex and Jacinta.

Catie with the cuddly dog.

Erin takes a picture
of the orange thing
in David's hands.

Tango on a photo.
looking at the camera!
and smiling!
* thekon hi5's himself

sock's eye

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Images here were taken by Konstanty Bialkowski.