Konstanty has a digital camera Volume 21

This volume has been a long time in production - thanks to "slackness", but like all things Konstanty does - they do eventually get done :). So First you will probably ask, what is in this volume... ? And that is a good question indeed - and you will indeed find out the answer to this question too.

At least they are all exploding, eh eh


Also, with the launch of Volume 21 - I will also announce a website that may be of interest to you - but is currently in production - it is "The Metaverse"

A quick look at the list below will show you that Volume 21 is quite a feature packed volume, including photos from another Digital Camera - which went all the way to New South Wales - to take photos of Causo's place, I am sure you will all enjoy it :)

Please select a secion from below:

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