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Welcome to Konstanty has a Digital Camera. This site has now got the unoffical title of digicamII, due to all new galleries coming from the a second 'generation' of digital camera.

Although not all the photos are uploaded yet, there is now a new look, feel and content with Konstanty has a Digital Camera. You can check out this new gallery at: The Gallery.

Digicam II - The Volumes (1-15): Contents

  • Volume 1: The Cat, and Kon's House.
  • Volume 2: Chapel Hill at sunset, SEES AGM, Team Project and Embedded.
  • Volume 3: Jenny's 21st, Early Team Project.
  • Volume 4: Early Team Project and On the way home to Chapel Hill.
  • Volume 5: Team Project - 200 photos of "fun"
  • Volume 6: Thesis Innocation Expo 2001 + Team Project Demos + Misc Photos + Embedded Action
  • Volume 7: (SOON - Crazy Hats aka Erin is 20!)
  • Volume 8: Last Few weeks of Looni 2001, Vivien has an End-of-semester Party / Dylan celebrates being a 21 year old Big D
  • Volume 9: Misha turns 21, J12 + More (Movies to be thumbnailed soon)
  • Volume 10: Plasma Meeting, David turns 21 on the Kookaburra Queen, Vivien turns 21, Red's Cut up a Cow Day
  • Volume 11: Cathryn's 22nd, SEES BBQ, Anthony's 21st and some of Darragh's 21st
  • Volume 12: Louise's 21st, Daniel's 21st, Toby's 21st, other Misc Photos (including Jon and Mr Duck)
  • Volume 13: Jon's 23rd, Cat Adventures, ACM Contest, and Angela's 21st
  • Volume 14: The Infamous SEES Graduation Dinner for 2002
  • Volume 15: Red's Cut up a Cow Day II (sooon), Christmas Eve

Digicam I - The Volumes (1-21): Contents

  • Volume 1: "The Cat" and sisters
  • Volume 2: Amidala GC pictures. Part 1.
  • Volume 3: Red comes to Kon's house
  • Volume 4: GC Pics part 2
  • Volume 5: Kon.. Out and About
  • Volume 6: Kon at the moofies
  • Volume 7: Angela's Birthday
  • Volume 8: First week back at uni
  • Volume 9: 2nd and 4rd week back at uni
  • Volume 10: Erin's Party and gimp up a tree
  • Volume 11: Humbug, NGA, Plasma Meet, Wok On Inn
  • Volume 12: Latte's Party (and NGA+Humbug)
  • Volume 13: Cutie's Party (and Great Court + O week)
  • Volume 14: Photos of some sexy people
  • Volume 15: May, the best time of the year to be born, and its a great month too
  • Volume 16: June, many GST parties.
  • Volume 17: Tim and Angela Married, Chris and Nicole Engaged, Adam moves out, Plasma Meeting + other misc photos.
  • Volume 18: Lyndal goes to London, BITS/SEES Cocktail Night, Kon goes to random people's houses
  • Volume 19 - Chris has a surprize bday party.. and IDM mania [cept they are too zoomed in and are blurred]
  • Volume 20 - Come to Kewn, Market Day and Cutie has a surprize bday partay.
  • Volume 21 - Darragh's Party, AB's Party, Causley's Place, Chapel Hill, Leon's House, UQ - The animals and another glace.

History of Konstanty has a Digital Camera

Konstanty has a Digital Camera initally was created in early 1999, when we were all First Year University students. Originally this website was hosted on a modem connection inside the UQ firewall. This was soon changed (in a mater of hours) to being hosted on the arts server: www.arts.uq.edu.au/~craig/irc/amidala, thanks to Craig (aka Gonzo). This hosted Konstanty has a Digital Camera until Volume 10.

After that, the website moved to Craig's own computer (croydon). This saw up to Volume 18. Craig then moved to Sydney to be l33t and stuff, and so croydon moved on.

Konstanty has a Digital Camera then moved to Homebrew thanks to Mr Ashley (aka hellbent/hAhAsPlAt) another m8 0 m9. Homebrew saw up to Volume 22.

Homebrew then disappeared.. and for a while Konstanty has a Digital Camera went back to being hosted on modem connection to a select few inside the UQ firewall. Also Konstanty (now) has a Digital Camera II!

Thanks to Roger another home was found for the new Konstanty has a Digital Camera II Photo Collection. This was http://kon.ninthave.net/digicam/

Due to some changes.. Roger was no longer able to provide web hosting. However this was not a problem - as I am now able to provide others with webhosting - (For those interested see: http://alphadimensions.net/) This will probably be a permanent home: http://kon.alphadimensions.net/digicam/.

Why "Konstanty has a Digital Camera"?

This page includes almost an online diary of events which Konstanty thought appropriate enough and good enough for the greater online community to see. To begin with the title of this website was a copy of "My Girlfriend has a digital Camera", put up by a netscape employee about 2 years (in 1997) before this website started, however after 5 volumes it became almost a sort of "Personal Trademark"

This website has been hosted at many different homes, thanks to many different people (at different times).


After seeing a few photos here, I am sure you have a greater craving for more photos, and hence I am giving you the opportunity to visit some great websites:

When I have time a new page "Digicam" news will be made which will tell you of any new Volumes that come alive in any of the above Digital Camera Collections.

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